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Do your ITIL®4 Foundation course as an online SUPERFLEX course.

With the SUPERFLEX course, you are free to choose whether you want to attend the sessions in the morning or in the afternoon, as the course is module-structured. And you can do the same modules several times within your course period.


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Flexible ITIL 4 Foundation online course

Our unique ITIL® 4 Foundation SUPERFLEX allows you to attend your course in four modules, when it suits you. We run each module both morning and afternoon, and again over several weeks. That way, you can flexibly put together your course to fit your workday.

With ITIL®4 SUPERFLEX, we have divided the classic 2-day course into 4 modules. Each module runs in the morning and in the afternoon. You can then choose when you want to follow the module.

When you participate in ITIL®4 SUPERFLEX, you can attend the same sessions and modules several times. This means that if you, for example, want to repeat module 3, then you can participate in that particular module again, completely free of charge, within the period of your course. 

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What do I get out of an ITIL 4 Foundation course?

An ITIL®4 Foundation course gives you the basic prerequisites for working with IT Service Management.

During the course, you will gain a fundamental understanding of ITIL®4's Service Management framework and concepts, and you will learn how ITIL 4 supports modern technologies and ways of working.

Since 1988, when the first version was released, ITIL has been best practice for IT Service Management and is the most widely used framework tool for IT Service Management, used in organizations and companies worldwide. Since 1988, several versions have been released, most recently in 2011, and now ITIL 4 in early 2019.

The ITIL® 4 Foundation certification enables you to continue building your skillset within IT Service Management, with the following courses:

Managing professional

Strategic leader

We also offer the ITIL4 Foundation course as a physical class course, if you would rather take the course during 2 full days.

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    ITIL4® Foundation online

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Scheduled ITIL4® Foundation Online SUPERFLEX courses

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What do our users say about our SUPERFLEX course?

Lotte Løkke Sahl

Change Manager Atea

"ITIL 4 Foundation Superflex puts flexibility at the forefront with morning or afternoon classes, spread over the week - and it fits in really well with the workday. It's easy, simple and very flexible."