Roman Zhuravlev Scaled

Why you can't deliver service value and what can be done about it

It takes two to tango. It takes at least two to create value in service relationship. 

ITIL 4 has been developed to help organizations in their journey to value co-creation. It offers useful models, tools, and practical guidance on value co-creation in multiple publications - from the Foundation, professional and extension modules, to the practice guides. 

Roman, who has been a co-author of all of them, will guide you through multiple perspectives of the value co-creation. 

Om taleren: 

Roman has been working in ITSM since 2002 as a practitioner, consultant, trainer and author. After joining Axelos in 2016, Roman works on continual development of ITIL. He is an ITIL 4 architect, co-author, and reviewer.

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