Agile Operations and DevOps

In an agile world, things have to move and develop fast. We provide a roadmap from idea to action, living up to our customers' expectations of a continuous flow of new functionalities.

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Dev Og Ops

Agile Operations and DevOps

In an agile world, it has to go fast. There is a map from idea to action, and customers expect a continuous flow of new functionality. This is a challenge for a traditional IT department, where operational reliability is paramount, where e.g. The Change, Release and Deployment management processes reduce the degrees of freedom and slow down.

In the best of all worlds, one wants agility without compromising on reliability, and it is actually possible.

Agile IT service management

MetierWestergaard can help its customers adjust ITIL-based service management processes to fit agile product teams. Thus, Change, Release and Deployment management processes, Service level agreements, Incident and Problem management m.m. can work in an agile context.

DevOps IT service management

A DevOps team integrates development and operational functions, and it is very much about being able to absorb operational and support tasks in the team. Or in other words, develop the team to a level where the team members can also perform operational tasks, handle problems and changes, manage according to service level targets, etc. And work seamlessly with key features like Service Desk and Change management.

What service management roles should the team have and what competencies should the team members have?


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