Management of Value (MoV®)

The MoV® course provides skills to manage change in a way that maximizes value, which is essential in today's dynamic business environment.

The course provides tools and techniques to identify and solve problems that can prevent value creation, thereby ensuring that projects and programs deliver the desired results.

Duration: 3 dage

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Management of Value

Learn management of value based on best practice!

Et Management of Value kursus giver praktiske og strategiske fordele, der kan hjælpe både enkeltpersoner og organisationer med at optimere deres ressourcer og maksimere værdiskabelsen.

Taking a Management of Value (MoV®) course can be a valuable investment for both individual professionals and organizations. 

A Management of Value (MoV®) course is a training course designed to teach participants how to identify, evaluate and maximize the value of projects, programs and other initiatives in an organization. MoV® is an internationally recognized value management method that provides a structured approach to managing value throughout the life cycle of projects and programs.

Purpose of the Course:

Understanding Value: The course provides participants with an in-depth understanding of what constitutes value for an organization, including both financial and non-financial value.

Methodology and Framework: Participants learn the MoV® methodology and the associated framework, principles, processes and techniques for managing value.

Practical Application: The course focuses on practical tools and techniques that participants can use in their daily work to maximize value creation.

Certification: Many MoV® courses include preparation for certification exams so participants can earn official MoV® certifications as proof of their value management competencies.

Course content:

Our MoV® course covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to value management and the MoV® methodology.
  • The principles of value management and their application.
  • The MoV® processes, including identification, evaluation and realization of value.
  • Tools and techniques to manage value effectively.
  • Integrating MoV® with other project and program management methods such as PRINCE2® and MSP®.
  • Practical exercises, case studies and discussions to demonstrate the application of MoV® in rea scenarios.

About MoV® Foundation

The course is 3 days.

Included in the course is the book, exam and teaching days with meals.

A Management of Value (M_o_V®) course provides practical knowledge and skills to optimize value in projects and programs.

Exam & Certification

50 multiple-choice questions (50% correct to pass)

Duration: 40 minutes

Closed book

Your benefits

  • Enhanced Ability to Manage Change: The course provides skills to manage change in a way that maximizes value, which is essential in today's dynamic business environment.
  • Certification: Obtaining a MoV® certification demonstrates that you have expertise in value management, which can make you more attractive to potential employers.

Workplace benefits

  • Increased Focus on Value: The course teaches participants to identify what really creates value for the organization and its stakeholders and how this value can be maximized throughout the project or program lifecycle.
  • Effective Resource Management: MoV® methodologies help ensure that resources are used optimally, which can reduce costs and improve results.
  • Clearer Priorities: By applying MoV® principles, organizations can prioritize projects and programs based on their value, helping to make better strategic decisions.
  • Based on Best Practice: MoV® is based on internationally recognized best practices and provides a structured approach to value management, which increases decision quality.
  • Development of Key Competences: The course provides participants with the necessary tools and techniques to use MoV® in their daily work, which can improve their career opportunities and professional development.
  • Improved Project and Program Management: MoV® helps ensure projects and programs deliver maximum value by focusing on the most beneficial activities and outcomes.
  • Strengthened Competitiveness: Organizations that implement MoV® can better adapt to change and ensure that they continue to deliver high value to their customers and stakeholders, which can provide a competitive advantage.
  • Solving Problems: MoV® provides tools and techniques to identify and solve problems that can prevent value creation, thereby ensuring that projects and programs deliver the desired results.
  • Integrated Approach: MoV® can be integrated with other management methods and frameworks such as PRINCE2®, MSP® and P3O®, providing a coherent approach to managing projects, programs and portfolios.
  • Increased Efficiency: By focusing on value and eliminating unnecessary costs and activities, organizations can become more efficient and productive.
  • Sustainable Results: MoV® ensures that the results of projects and programs are sustainable and deliver sustained value over time.
  • Better Communication: Participants learn to communicate value management clearly and effectively to different stakeholders, which can lead to better collaboration and understanding within the organization.

Who is the target group?

A Management of Value (MoV®) course is relevant to a wide range of professionals and organizations who want to optimize their value management and maximize the results of their projects and programs.

  • Top Management and Owners (MoV® provides strategic insights and tools to lead the organization towards value creation and value management)
  • Process Owners and Department Managers (MoV® skills help prioritize and direct resources towards the activities that create the most value for the organization.)
  • Project Managers and Teams (MoV® provides project teams with the tools to identify, evaluate and deliver value throughout the project lifecycle.)
  • Program Managers and Portfolio Management (MoV® helps manage and prioritize portfolios of projects and programs based on their overall value to the organization)
  • Risk managers (MoV® provides risk managers with tools to identify and manage risks that can affect value creation in projects and programs.)
  • Compliance and Governance staff (MoV® supports the effective management of compliance and good governance by focusing on maximizing value and minimizing risk)
  • Financial managers and CFOs (MoV® gives finance and finance people insight into how they can optimize financial results and deliver better returns on investments)
  • Process managers and business analysts (MoV® gives process managers and business analysts tools to optimize processes and workflows with a focus on value creation)


There are no requirements prior to participation in the course

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October 2024

  • 28 Monday

    MET MOVF-01-2024

    MoV® Foundation Classroom course

    28 October 2024 - 30 October 2024


    The course is a classroom course with physical attendance

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