SAFe for Teams course

SAFe® for Teams is the recommended course when you are going to run SAFe® in your organization. 

This course is offered as a closed course for companies that want to create a high-performance team in their SAFe® organization.

  • 2-day course
  • Held in Copenhagen, Aarhus and virtually
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Learn about your team and the role of the team in SAFe®

Build the skills needed to become a member of a high-performance team in an Agile Release Train (ART) - and learn to collaborate effectively with other teams. In the course, you will gain an understanding of how an ART delivers value and how to effectively perform your role using e.g. Scrum and Kanban.

In this SAFe® for Teams course, you will learn about SAFe® from the team level. We work with roles and responsibilities, quality and culture. Work is being done on breaking down Features in User Stories, as well as making good acceptance criteria and estimation.

In addition, we work with the classic Scrum events:

  • Planning
  • Daily Stand-up
  • Review
  • Retro

In addition, across teams and coordination in Program Increments (PI) via PI Planning. You will become familiar with concepts such as the Continuous Delivery Pipeline and the DevOps culture and learn how to work effectively with other teams in the program and what it takes to continuously improve an Agile Release Train.



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Video: What is SAFe for Teams?

See our SAFe® instructor, Troels Jakobsen, talk about our SAFe® for teams course, what it is about and why it creates value for the team to take this course (Video is in Danish).

About SAFe for Teams

The course includes all course materials, detailed reading guidance in preparation, 2-days of teaching in Danish by an experienced SAFe® for Teams trainer.

The course also includes 1-year membership in the Scaled Agile Community.

Exam & Certification

The course includes a test exam as well as the official SAFe® Practitioner certification (SP).

Your benefits

  • SAFe for Teams certification
  • Understand the SAFe® framework and how to scale agile development
  • Gain insight into the team and the team's role in an Agile Release Train
  • Be able to plan iterations, execute iterations and demonstrate their value
  • Plan Program Increments (PI) planning
  • To integrate and work with other teams

Workplace benefits

  • Companies that work scaled agile or have several agile teams that have to work together will have a great effect of SAFe for Teams, which is carried out as a closed course for the company.
  • Work is being done on the company's specific issues, so it's hand-on training!

Who is the target group?

The course is aimed at team members in organisations that use SAFe® to scale Lean and agile development. You may be:

  • Team members to work with SAFe®
  • IT developer, tester or designer
  • A role that is part of a team that is part of an Agile Release Train.


There are no formal requirements for the course, but it is an advantage to have worked with agile methods. It is recommended that the participants sit in the teams they have to work with on a daily basis.