MSP® Foundation, 5th Edition, E-learning

Learn the basic elements of portfolio management and how a project portfolio can be managed and optimized - now also as MoP® Foundation e-learning!

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Learn effective portfolio management with MoP as E-learning

Management of Portfolios, MoP, is a framework and a framwork for managing projects and programs in a portfolio.

The Management of Portfolios, MoP, framework provides you with a number of principles, techniques and recommendations related to the organization, selection and prioritization of investments in a portfolio. This is so that from a strategic perspective you can manage the portfolio's content, costs, risk, progress and the impact this has on "business as usual" and the organization's strategic goals.

The MoP® courses on this page are offered by Metier OEC ATO/Affiliate of AXELOS Limited. MoP® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.

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About MoP Foundation E-learning

On the course, you get an introduction to portfolio management with MoP®. Here you learn about concepts such as: MoP®'s 5 flexible principles, MoP®'s cycles, MoP®'s 12 portfolio management practices and receive a Certification in the MoP® Foundation upon passing the exam.

In addition to the content of the course, there are several advantages to our E-learning format. You can read about some of them below:

You have access to the online course for 12 months and can log in anywhere and at any time. This allows you to create the race exactly as you want.

You get access to two test exams, which you can take as many times as you like. This makes it easy for you to check how you are doing in the exam.

The syllabus is educationally divided into appropriate portions, peppered with practical examples, interactive exercises, checklists, case assignments and quizzes.

During the course, you will receive an online mentor who answers practical questions and gives you professional guidance.

• The course is delivered in collaboration with Metier OEC

• Certification is part of the price of the course

Exam & Certification

The exam is of the multiple choice type with 50 questions that are completed in 40 minutes without aids. You must get 50% correct to pass the exam. Both the e-learning course and the exam are in English.

Your benefits

  • The MoP® Foundation certification gives you an introduction to portfolio management with MoP®.
  • You learn about the method's concepts, principles, cycles and portfolio management practices

Workplace benefits

  • Make the right investments and ensure that these are linked to the company's strategic goals
  • Carry out the investments in a way that ensures the greatest possible return through good profit realization
  • Ensure that initiated programs and projects are prioritized according to the company's strategic goals
  • Get an overall view of all gains based on the change initiatives that are underway and launched

Who is the target group?

  • Is involved in portfolio and investment decisions, project and program deliverables and profit realization.
  • Involved in the selection and delivery of initiatives related to business change
  • Acts as portfolio manager, portfolio manager or change initiator
  • Works in a project office or has other management positions


When you register, you will receive the MoP® manual. This must be read in its entirety in advance and included as part of the exam preparations. The course and exam are conducted in English.


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