Leading SAFe Superflex Online course

This is Denmark's most flexible way to become certified in Leading SAFe® online, and our skilled teachers have certified more than 2500 students in SAFe.

  • 4 half days online, morning or afternoon
  • Certification included in the price
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Our unique Superflex concept

Our unique Leading SAFe Superflex course allows you to take the course in four modules when it suits you. We run each module both morning and afternoon, over several weeks, so you can put together your course to fit into your working day.

With Leading SAFe® Superflex, you can take Leading SAFe online over 4 half days, where you choose whether you want to participate in the morning 9-12.30 or the afternoon 1-4.30. You can easily participate in the morning one day and in the afternoon the other day.

We run Leading SAFe Superflex every 3 weeks, all year!

We also offer the Leading SAFe course as a physical classroom course, if you would rather take the course over 2 full days. We also hold this course online twice every six months.

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What is Leading SAFe Superflex?

Watch our SAFe instructor Troels Jakobsen talk about the Leading SAFe® course, what it is about and why you should take the course (Video is in Danish).

The Leading SAFe course gives you the competencies to be part of and lead in a SAFe organisation. The course is a solid place to start your SAFe journey.

The course also provides a good insight into agile methods, so you can work in both SAFe organisations and agile organisations.

About Leading SAFe Superflex

The course includes 4 modules of teaching by Scaled Agile-accredited teachers (SPC6) - equivalent to 2 full days of teaching.

In addition, all teaching materials are included, including slides, test exam assignments and cases.

Also included is 1-year membership of the Scaled Agile Community.

Exam & Certification

After passing the course, you will receive an official Leading SAFe certification / SAFe Agilist (SA).

Your benefits

  • Understanding of the entire SAFe framework
  • Deep insight into the agile principles
  • Understanding the Lean-Agile mindset
  • Insight into the change that a SAFe transformation entails
  • The ability to explain agile principles
  • Understanding concepts such as DevOps, Continous Delivery Pipeline and Lean Portfolio Management
  • The ability to work with an Agile Release Train (ART)

Workplace benefits

  • Lean-Agile Ambassadors / Change Agents who can lead an agile transformation
  • A common language about product development according to the lean-agile mindset
  • A holistic approach to lean-agile development, from protein level through program level to team level
  • Control concepts like DevOps, Kanban, Lean budgeting, Scrum, and how they all fit together
  • Employees who can be driving forces in terms of scaling the agile approach in the organization

Who is the target group?

The course is for you who want to be able to play an active role in a SAFe implementation, are a leader in a SAFe organisation or just want to get an introduction to the SAFe framework.

With a Leading SAFe Superflex certification, you strengthen your CV and open up career opportunities within the agile world.


Everyone is welcome to participate in this course, regardless of experience level. However, we recommend the following to get the most out of the course:

  • Experience with e.g. IT management, IT development, business analysis, product or project management
  • In addition, you must have good English skills, as all material and concepts are in English


  1. Module 1 - Monday 9-12.30 or 13-16.30


    In this module, we go in-depth with the agile mindset and the principles that underlie SAFe. You get a solid foundation for understanding what SAFe is and how and why it works.

    Topics in the module: 

    • Introduction to SAFe
    • SAFe House and Lean
    • The agile mindset
    • The principles of the SAFe framework
    • When does SAFe create value?
  2. Module 2 - Tuesday 9-12.30 or 13-16.30


    In this module, we dive further into the agile methods and work specifically on how to build an Agile Release Train.

    Topics in the module: 

    • Value Streams
    • Agile Release Train
    • The Agile team
    • Design Thinking
    • Features and User Stories
    • Story Points and Estimating Poker
  3. Module 3 - Wednesday 9-12.30 or 13-16.30


    In this module, we continue working on our PI Planning simulation.

    We look at the meaning of concepts like Continuous Deployment, DevOps, Prioritisation, Emerging Architecture, Inspect and adapt and many more.

    Topics in the module:

    • Backlog prioritising with Weighted Shortest Job First (WSJF)
    • Simulation exercise: PI Planning
    • Strategic Themes, Vision and Roadmapping
    • DevOps and Continuous Deployment Pipeline
    • Inspect and adapt at the program level 
  4. Module 4 - Thursday 9-12.30 or 13-16.30


    Then we dive into Lean Portfolio Management and round off the day with an insight into how to implement SAFe in the organisation.

    Topics in the module:

    • Coordination of Multiple Agile Release Trains
    • Lean Portfolio Management
    • Lean Budgeting
    • Epics and Portfolio Kanban
    • SAFe Implementation Roadmap
    • Exam information