Simulation & Teambuilding

Simulation is learning through play. We play a game with your team or department - a game that simulates reality.

Through the game, you learn what optimal processes mean, how to make the right decisions and optimize the organization. All in a "safe environment".

At the same time, it's fantastic team building! Something you will refer back to for a long time afterwards. Download our product catalog or read more below.

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Simulation games

In our simulation games you overcome common challenges together with your gaming team

MetierWestergaard's simulation games brings the challenges of everyday life into a formula and caricatures. As a team or department, you get a common revelation on how improvements can be made and what is difficult. It's hands-on learning!

Traditional education is based on teaching, exams and certificates. It is good and important, and creates the basic skills needed to fulfill given roles with associated responsibilities. In combination with traditional training, simulation games, also called gaming, are powerful and educational, as they create the opportunity to put theory into practice and learn from different situations. And then it is often easier to talk about what is difficult when it is an imagined reality - and not the concrete situation in one's own organization.

Simulation games thus promote understanding and depth of learning, because you experience things yourself. Instead of telling what is right and wrong, the instructor acts as a facilitator for the participants' own experiences – in other words, it is very intensive learning that takes place over a short period of time.

Our instructors are certified Game Leaders, and they ensure value-creating facilitation and an optimal benefit.

Simulation games can be used in both small and large teams, across the organization, and can simultaneously function as team building, as it is both educational and fun. Most often, it takes a day to complete the games with several game rounds and learning along the way. However, we have some games that can be completed faster.

With simulation games, the focus is on issues that can be adapted to a very specific challenge in your company.

For example:

  • Efficient and dynamic processes
  • Better documentation and knowledge sharing
  • To create common ground before starting a project or program
  • To work with team building under realistic conditions
  • To increase motivation prior to implementing changes in the organization
  • To improve communication and collaboration in the department or project
  • To improve communication and cooperation between IT, the business and other departments and external partners

… then we definitely have a simulation game that can solve the task.

Our simulation game covers various professional areas that embrace topics within Agile & SAFe®, IT Service Management & ITIL®, Project Management & PRINCE2®, DevOps, etc.

We are always ready for a discussion about your needs and which simulation game is most optimal to support your specific purpose.


An interactive workshop on Business & IT Alignment

What happens when the business decides on a project that involves IT and IT solutions? IT must implement changes with limited resources and under time pressure. This can lead to the risk of capacity problems and errors - ultimately sometimes resulting in the business not achieving the desired benefit from the IT solution. In Grab@Pizza, you will be allowed to try out exactly these situations in practice, so that you will feel firsthand the effect of both a bad and a good collaboration between business and IT.

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Apollo 13

An ITSM case experience

Apollo13 – a simulation game for IT departments that use or want to use ITIL Best Practice.

The game's participants man the Mission Control Center and are bombarded with problems from the real Apollo 13 spaceflight. Problems that must be solved efficiently and correctly in order for the crew to descend safely. All the ITIL processes come into play, and the participants experience the importance of good processes and good teamwork under challenging and realistic circumstances.

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The Challenge of Egypt

An interactive project management workshop

The Challenge of Egypt – a workshop for project participants. The game is particularly relevant for organizations that use or are about to use PRINCE2.

The workshop is useful in connection with the development and improvement of an existing project management organization and project performance, such as PRINCE2.

During the workshop, the participants will simulate the building of the Cheops pyramid. They will be confronted with all essential aspects of project management.

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Rally — wroooom!

Rally is a team building event where the team is put to the test in collaboration across a simple and recognizable concept. During the day, the participants will - in addition to competing and having fun - reflect on the many parallels that can be drawn to everyday life.

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Make ITSM agile and lean

Landing a craft on Mars is complicated. A lot of software, complex systems and a need to react quickly to unpredictable events. The same picture applies to today's complex IT solutions, and the IT department's reaction times and IT service management processes must be flexible and agile – agile service management, agile, ITIL etc.

Marslander is a simulation game that trains you in just that. Your challenge in the game is to support the Mission Center in fulfilling all mission objectives. On the journey to Mars, the mission is exposed to a number of challenges that require both service management and agility to succeed in the undertaking.

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Customer Drive

A simulation game for employees in service functions

In this simulation game, the participants dive into new surroundings, where in realistic situations they can test and develop their ability to handle the different types of customers that they meet on a daily basis in their own service function.

Customer Drive is a car rental company, and when participants enter this world, they can leave the everyday behind and start on equal terms.

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The Phoenix Project

A DevOps case experience

If you want close contact with DevOps in an educational and entertaining way, we have the simulation game "The Phoenix Project". A day with a game leader from MetierWestergaard provides maximum insight and motivation, and the game can also be used for team building across IT development and IT operations.

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PC Factory

A PC's journey from manufacturer to end user

PC Factory is a simulation game that brings the entire value chain, from a PC leaving the distributor to the end user, into play. As a participant, you play realistic roles, e.g. distributor, 3rd line support, architect, 2nd line configuration specialist, 1st line supporter in the Service Desk, support manager, project manager etc., and you work with both single deliveries/problems and large deployments.

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Simulation games based on SAFe®

Fly4You is a simulation game where participants learn SAFe methods and principles. The focus is on delivering high business and customer value, rapid implementation of new products/services, ensuring fewer errors and happier employees.

The simulation is based on a case about a newly established airline "Fly4You", which has established a website with booking functionality targeted at young travelers.

In the simulation, the participants are faced with concrete tasks about improving the current solution to ensure an improved customer experience, increase sales and correct mistakes from the past.

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Warm, Wise, Warrior

Through knowledge and training, we focus on the ability to meet the customer on their terms.

Through knowledge and training, we focus on the ability to meet the customer on their terms. The participants will first be introduced to basic theory around basic person typologies. Afterwards, through simulation and training exercises, they will have the opportunity, in a safe environment, to test and develop their ability to handle the different types of customers that they meet on a daily basis in their own service function.

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