Major Incident Management

Learn to manage through major incidents and become optimized in crisis management, team management, structured communication and accelerated progress.

  • 2 day course
  • Held in Copenhagen, Aarhus and virtually
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Learn to steer through major incidents

Major Incident Management is crisis management, team management, structured communication and accelerated progress. A general staff that continuously provides all actors and stakeholders with the management and information needed to be maximally effective.

This course gives you concrete tools and inspiration to move the problem solving from the rehearsal room to the battlefield ... "warroom" in practice!

In the course you will learn to implement the major incident management process as well as fill the role of major incident manager. You learn best practice for major incident management / situation management, and test the process on your own body in a war-room case.

The course is based on an interaction between theory, problem solving and case-based group work. The teaching takes place in Danish with Danish materials. There will be practical exercises (war room training) so that the participants get to practice the activities during a major incident.


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About Major Incident Management

The course is a day course with a duration of 2 days. The teaching is from kl. 9.00 - 17.00 both days. Exams are held the last half hour on day 2.

Through presentations, discussions and practical exercises, a connection is created between theory and practice. The course is very activating, and emphasis is placed on the participants coming home with concrete tools that can be used in the daily work.

Teaching as well as course materials and exams are in Danish.

Exam & Certification

You can be certified through an exam of 30 minutes duration. The exam takes place on the last day of the course and is a multiple-choice assignment with 20 questions in Danish. Pass criteria: 65%.

Your benefits

  • Define what a major incident is and what initiates the process
  • Design a major incident management process with activity descriptions
  • Define KPIs and perform reporting during and after major incident
  • Develop relevant communication tools in connection with major incidents

Workplace benefits

  • Prepare role / responsibility description for a major incident manager
  • Prepare necessary management documents for the major incident management process, including templates for communication as well as establishing an action plan and follow-up on activities
  • Define a process policy for overall management of the major incident management process
  • Facilitate a major incident review

Who is the target group?

The course is aimed at current and future major incident managers as well as managers and IT professionals, who are part of the daily troubleshooting. In short, IT staff who are involved - or may become involved - in connection with major incidents.


There are no formal prerequisites for the course, but it is expected that you have a general knowledge of IT and understanding of their own business in major incident.

  • To get the most out of the course, it is an advantage that you have experience with Troubleshooting.

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