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Become a certified Scrum Master at your own pace with our adaptive online edition of the official Scrum Master PSM1 course.

This course will prepare you for the official certifying exam from that will earn you the title of Professional Scrum Master®.

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Scrum Framework Full

Learn the role of Scrum Master and how to support agile delivery!

This Scrum Master e-learning course allows you to become a certified Scrum Master (from at your own pace. You will learn the relevant principles, methods and tools you need to create and work in a successful scrum team as a servant leader.

Scrum is an agile framework for delivering products in a complex world, through iterative processes. The Scrum Master course taches you how to work with the agile scrum team, and how the scrum master can ensure value creation in the scrum team.

A high performing scrum team contributes to the success of the agile delivery, and the scrum master helps steer the team - and the delivery - in the right direction.

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Scrum Done Right

The role of the Scrum Master - the servant leader!

The Scrum Master is a servant leader for the scrum team. Thus, the Scrum Master is responsible for ensuring that interaction within and with the team is value-creating and appropriate.

The Scrum Master is responsible for ensuring that the Scrum framework is understood and adopted successfully. The Scrum Master does this by ensuring that the Scrum Team adheres to theory, practice and rules.

1. A Servant leader - who focuses on the needs of team members and the customer, with the aim of achieving results in accordance with the company's values, principles and business goals.
2. A Facilitator - by setting the stage and providing clear boundaries within which the team can collaborate. This includes facilitating meetings and events in the team.
3. A Coach - coach the individual with a focus on utilizing the agile mindset and behavior, to support the team in continuous improvements and the company's good collaboration with the Scrum Team.
4. A Manager - be responsible for managing obstacles, managing the process, managing team well-being, managing the boundaries of self-organization and managing culture.
5. A Mentor - who transfers agile knowledge and experience to the team.
6. A Teacher - to ensure that Scrum and other relevant methods are understood and adopted.
7. Obstacle removal - solving any blocking issues so the team can make progress - taking into account the self-organizing capabilities of the development team.
8. An Agent for Change - to enable a culture where the Scrum Team can flourish


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    With the 12 months access you also have the opportunity to access the material after you finish your course, allowing you to refresh your knowledge within individual areas and to help you retain the knowledge you obtained in your course. 

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About Scrum Master e-learning

This is an e-learning course on the adaptive platform Rhapsode Area9.

With adaptive e-learning, you can do the course at your own pace. This means that you can access the course at any time and follow the modules when it suits your schedule. Or e-learning automatically adapts to your way of learning and your level of knowledge.

Included in the course you get: access to e-learning, the official certification PSM1 from, and the book "Scrum Done Right", which is a good support tool for the daily work as a Scrum Master.

Exam & Certification

Professional Scrum Master 1 (PSM1) Certificering via

Passing score: 85%

Time limit: 60 minutes

Number of Questions: 80

Format: Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer and True/False

Your benefits

  • An internationally recognized certification as a Scrum Master.
  • Solid understanding of the agile methods, and understanding of the individual elements of Scrum and how they are applied in practice.
  • Be able to facilitate and drive development in a Scrum team as a servant leader for Scrum Teams.
  • Gain skills to drive change.
  • Learn best practices in agile development and delivery with relevant tools and techniques

Workplace benefits

  • Faster deliveries adapted to market / customer needs.
  • Teams that will be able to deliver quality products and take responsibility for development.
  • Optimized coherence and understanding of the bigger picture across teams.
  • Better performance in teams through better collaboration.
  • Agents of change who activate a culture where everyone can flourish.

Who is the target group?

This course is for anyone who wants better insight and competencies within agile and would like to achieve an internationally recognized certification.

  • The course is intended for anyone involved in product development, using Scrum.
  • This is especially beneficial if you are responsible for, or contribute to, getting the most out of scrum in your organization, it can be as a Scrum Master, leader / team leader or scrum team member.
  • The course is also relevant for anyone who wants to better understand agile principles and methods.


There are no formal requirements for participation in this course.

  • It is an advantage, but not a requirement, that you have knowledge of agile project management or agile development.

Course Content

Scrum Master course
The course is adaptable and adjusts to the student's level of knowledge and learning style. In this Scrum Master e-learning course, participants gain an understanding of the role of the Scrum Master. The course is focused on the scrum role at the team level in the agile organization.

The course provides a basic understanding of agile and scrum concepts, and enables scrum teams to use scrum effectively.

Through the course you will acquire knowledge of scrum terminologies, the different concepts and the complete Scrum process.

  1. Agile and Scrum introduction

    Agile delivery and the Agile Manifesto.

    - Agile Manifesto
    - 4 values
    - 12 Principles
    - Scrum Pillars (transparency, inspection & adaptation)
    - 5 Scrum Values

  2. Scrum roles

    Understand different roles involved in Scrum and the scope of the Scrum Master role in Scrum:

    - Scrum Master Role and Responsibilities
    - Product Owner Role and Responsibility
    - Development team Role and Responsibilities

  3. Scrum events

    Review of the various events in Scrum including purpose and responsibility:

    - Sprint
    - Sprint Planning
    - Daily Scrum
    - Sprint Review
    - Sprint Retrospective
    - Backlog Refinement

  4. Scrum artefacts

    Review of the absolutely essential scrum artifacts: 

    - Product Backlog
    - Sprint Backlog
    - Product Increment

  5. Scrum tools and methods

    Learn to use scrum tools and methods in practice:

    - User Stories
    - Agile Estimation
    - Acceptance Criteria
    - Definition of Done (DoD) 
    - Definition of Ready (DoR)
    - Sprint Burndown Chart
    - Scrum & Kanban Board

  6. Scrum facilitation

    Make it easier for the development team, the product owner and the organization while responding to changes.

    Learn to help team members work together and follow the Scrum process.

  7. Scaling Scrum

    When we have several teams working on the same product or delivery, this is called scaling scrum.

    Here we need to coordinate and align with the development. You will gain insight into this scaling of scrum, the challenges and how these are overcome.

  8. Scrum in practice

    The course ends with a series of test questions where you can evaluate your understanding of scrum and the scrum master role.

    There is also the option of taking a test exam (pre-certification), so you are sure of being able to pass the exam.

Comments from happy users

Jens Leth-Jørgensen

Jens Leth-Jørgensen

Senior Project Management Consultant

The Scrum Master course gave me depth in my agile knowledge - which is especially useful as I am already a certified PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner. The insight as a Professional Scrum Master means that you'll be better equipped to evaluate how the agile delivery methods and the set of values in Scrum fit into PRINCE2’s project principles, processes, roles and performance goals.

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