SAFe Release Train Engineer

The SAFe® Release Train Engineer is the servant leader for the entire ART (train).

This SAFe RTE course is a 3-day course, which is offered exclusively as an internal course for companies.

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Learn How To Run A Release Train!

SAFe® Release Train Engineer is the course that prepares and certifies you for the work as an RTE.

A Certified SAFe® Release Train Engineer (SAFe RTE) is a servant leader for a program and acts as an enterprise coach with the responsibility of driving end-to-end value creation in a program organized around a development value stream in a Lean-Agile enterprise.

An RTE's competencies are the following:

  • Facilitate events at the program level
  • Drive programs
  • Establishing and supporting a Lean-Agile mindset in the program
  • Coach and support the program management
  • Coaching of Agile Release Trains (ARTs) and Agile Teams in continuously improving 'value delivery'
  • Create transparency through metrics that drive the desired change 
  • Facilitate clarification of dependencies, challenges and risks 



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About SAFe Release Train Engineer

The course includes all course materials, a detailed study guide as preparation, and three days of teaching by an experienced SAFe Release Train Engineer trainer.

The course also includes a 1-year membership to the Scaled Agile Community.

Exam & Certification

The course includes a test exam as well as the official SAFe® Release Train Engineer certification (RTE).

Your benefits

  • During this three-day course, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the role and responsibilities of a Release Train Engineer (RTE) in the SAFe enterprise. Through experimental learning, an understanding of the RTE role in a Lean-Agile transformation is created.
  • Learn how to facilitate ART events, drive momentum, and coach leaders, teams and Scrum Masters in new processes and ways of thinking.
  • Explore how to prepare, plan and execute PI-Planning and Inspect & Adapt, which are critical to ensuring alignment at all levels of a SAFe organization.

Workplace benefits

  • Companies that work with SAFe achieve solid management and a focus on value creation
  • An ability to focus on what is essential for effective value creation is created
  • Gain experience around best practices from other organizations

Who is the target group?

The course is aimed at people who need to take on an RTE role in an organization that uses SAFe® to scale Lean and Agile. You therefore have:

  • Desire to become better at leading and driving change
  • Desire to learn to coach and facilitate agile and SAFe and 'lead by example'
  • Desire to become better at handling stakeholders in a SAFe context


We recommend that you have:

  • Practical experience as a manager in a SAFe organisation
  • As a minimum, a Leading SAFe (SAFe Agilist) certification is required
  • It is also recommended to have a good understanding of the agile mindset (e.g. SAFe Scrum Master or equivalent training)

Scheduled SAFe Release Train Engineer courses

Offered only as a closed company course.

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