PRINCE2® 7 Foundation e-learning

Learn the method behind successful project management with our PRINCE2® 7 Foundation e-learning.

The e-learning takes place on an adaptive learning platform and included in our PRINCE2 Foundation online course is 1:1 sparring with an experienced instructor, as well as certification.

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Take PRINCE2 Foundation online as e-learning.

With a PRINCE2 Foundation e-learning course, you get a basic understanding of project management, which enables you to get better involved in projects.

PRINCE2® is internationally recognised as a method of project management. It is based on insights from leading experts and experiences from international companies. PRINCE2 is today by far the most widely used project management method internationally, and is present in over 90 countries and translated into 11 languages. 

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You can also take the PRINCE2® Foundation as a class course and supplement your studies with either Practitioner or Agile Practitioner.

We also offer these other PRINCE2 online courses: 

If you are interested in several PRINCE2 online courses, it is relevant for you to consider our PRINCE2® online combination packages.

Try a free demo of our PRINCE2® Foundation e-learning!

New version PRINCE2 7 has been lauched!

Peoplecert has lauched a new version of PRINCE2, and we are ready with elearning in the new PRINCE2 7.

The updated version offers new topics to the method. These topics reflect some of the trends we wee within project management:

  • Leadership
  • Sustainability
  • Adaptability
  • Data

Currently, the new version is only available on english. Thus, all trainings we offer in the new version will be based on english elearning, courseware and exam. 

If you have questions regarding the new version, please contact us. 

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Why choose PRINCE2 Foundation e-learning?

Take PRINCE2 Foundation online, as adaptive e-learning, and get more out of your e-learning course. You get a course that adapts to your way of learning and your level of knowledge, while you can access the course where and when it suits you.

With adaptive e-learning, you learn faster. Whether you already have a solid knowledge of PRINCE2 or you are completely new, there is evidence that you, with adaptive learning, learn faster and achieve a high learning effect.
In fact, you can reduce your time spent on the PRINCE2 Foundation online course by more than 50% - you are only trained in what you have not mastered. 

We offer 1:1 sessions with our instructors

Our PRINCE2 Foundation e-learning ensures learning, but we know that for many it is also important to have an instructor to discuss the method with. That is why we have introduced the sparring sessions, which will increase your benefit from the course.

Throughout the course, you also have the opportunity to book a 1:1 online session with an instructor.

We are the only ones in Denmark that offer this combination of e-learning, supported by personal, and professional sparring. You will therefore not find a similar online project manager course elsewhere.

About PRINCE2® 7 Foundation e-learning

With us, you have access to your e-learning for 12 months.

PRINCE2 Foundation e-learning is available in both Danish and English.

PRINCE2 Foundation e-learning includes the official PRINCE2 manual, PRINCE2 Foundation certification exam, reading guide for the course, access to 25 e-learning modules, quizzes and 2 test exams.

There is also the opportunity for professional sparring with a PRINCE2 instructor who provides sparring and guidance during the course.

Exam & Certification

You will have access to the two official test exams with detailed explanations of each alternative, including references to the PRINCE2 manual. Take them as many times as you want and see how well you are prepared for your PRINCE2 Foundation exam.

You can purchase a supplemental Take2 exam insurance. Read more about it below.

Your benefits

  • Internationally recognized PRINCE2 Foundation certification
  • Basic theoretical insight into project management according to the PRINCE2 method
  • Understanding of concepts and processes for PRINCE2
  • Greater focus on projects that deliver clear results
  • Competencies to identify inappropriate workflows and unrealistic projects
  • The necessary prior knowledge to pass the certification exam in the PRINCE2® Foundation

Workplace benefits

  • Project participants, team leaders and project managers who all speak the same project language and work based on the same principles and processes, so that the success rate of the projects increases
  • A controlled and efficient project management that reduces errors and unprofitable projects
  • Projects that deliver what is agreed on time and within budget

Who is the target group?

The course is for anyone who wants a useful method for planning, organizing and managing projects from A-Z.


There are no formal entry requirements for taking a course and certification in the PRINCE2 Foundation.

  • To get the most out of the course, it is an advantage that you have experience of working in projects.


Take² is an insurance that can be purchased when you enrol in a course. The price of Take² is 450 DKK, which is less than half the price of a normal re-examination, if you buy it after completing the course. If you have purchased Take² and you do not pass your exam, you will automatically receive an online re-exam voucher. You can take Take² whenever and wherever you want. Take² can be used up to 6 months after your exam. Order Take² when you enrol. Later it is not possible to purchase the insurance. 

Note: If you pass the exam in the first instance, Take² cannot be refunded or used for other exams.

What do the students say about our PRINCE2 E-learning?

Frederikke Brønbo

Frederikke Brønbo

Cand.mag. in Pedagogy

'With e-learning, there is time for concentration and the ability to go into depth .... the e-learning platform Area9 is super good - with the adaptive support you are presented with exactly the material you need to be able to do and have not already mastered. It's smart and efficient!
.... in short, I am very satisfied with the PRINCE2 online course '


You can select the following:

  • e

    MET P2F7E-05-2024

    PRINCE2® 7 Foundation e-learning (EN)

    You get access to the course for 6 months, where you are free to use it when and where it suits you best

    Kurset er på engelsk / This course is in English

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    DKK 8,010

    List price

    DKK 8,900

    Per participant excl. VAT

PRINCE2® 7 Foundation e-learning Course book

  • PRINCE2® 7 Managing Successful Projects

    PRINCE2® 7 Managing Successful Projects

    SKU 7326 - ISBN 978-9925-34-460-4

    Paperback. Delivered by DAO. Freight costs will be added at checkout.

    PRINCE2® 7 is a practical and structured approach designed to facilitate effective project management. It offers a clear method for organizations to successfully manage projects, introduce novel products or services, and drive transformative change.

    The PRINCE2® method is versatile and universally applicable. Flexible and adaptable to suit the needs of any organization, it can be tailored to any project, regardless of size, purpose, or industry.
    PRINCE2® 7 addresses changes in the project management sector and adapts to evolving working practices and technologies. With a central focus on people management, it also embraces Digital and Data Management and incorporates sustainable practices.

    Member price

    DKK 585.00

    List price

    DKK 650.00

    Per unit excl. VAT

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