Management of Risks (M_o_R®)

Taking a Management of Risk (M_o_R®) course provides several benefits that can improve both individual skills and the organization's overall risk management. The course is a must if you work with projects! 

A Management of Risk course ensures you risk management skills and supports improved organizational resilience and a culture where risks are handled proactively and strategically.

Duration: 3 dage

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Learn to work with risks, so they become an advantage in your project.

En vis grad af risikotagning er uundgåelig for din organisation for at nå sine mål. En velinformeret og effektiv risikostyring forbedrer ydeevnen ved at fremme innovative tilgange til virksomhedsadministration og servicelevering

M_o_R® 4 is the ultimate guide to effective risk management, empowering practitioners to apply the framework in the workplace. It puts value creation at the center of risk management and provides a practical understanding of how risk is connected to both value creation and protection.

The adaptation of M_o_R® 4 to internationally recognized ISO standards and a global perspective make it applicable across different industries, sectors, regions and geographies.

This certification is essential for roles where risk management is an integral part, including portfolio, program, project, business change and risk management professionals. It is particularly relevant to individuals in product-focused environments and roles and offers an integrated solution to the unique challenges facing modern, digital organizations.

The framework enables certified professionals to add value to their employers and organizations as well as advance their own career development. It contains valuable fictional case studies that illustrate how the guidance works in practice and can be adapted and applied across different sectors and organisations, regardless of their operating model.

M_o_R® 4 also provides clear guidance on how risk management can be effectively integrated with agile practices at all levels of an organization. This helps teams and individuals understand how risk is linked to opportunity and the benefits of deliverables, without losing flexibility or competitive advantage.

About M_o_R®, 4th edition

The course is 3 days.

Included in the course is the book, exam and teaching days with meals.

A Management of Risk (M_o_R®) course provides a practical approach to risk management, and participants gain both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Exam & Certification

The course includes a voucher for the certification exam, which is taken after the course online.

Workplace benefits

  • Improved Risk Management: Participants learn to identify, assess and manage risks more effectively, helping to minimize potential threats and maximize opportunities.
  • Increased Value Creation: By understanding the connection between risk and value creation, you can contribute to increasing the organization's value and ensure better utilization of resources.
  • Better Decision Making: The course equips participants with tools and techniques to make better informed decisions that take into account risks and their potential consequences.
  • Compliance with Standards: M_o_R® is aligned with international standards such as ISO, which makes it easier to implement global best practices in risk management in the organization.
  • Career development: An M_o_R® certification can improve your career prospects and make you more attractive to potential employers, as it shows that you have specific skills in risk management.
  • Increased Efficiency: By implementing effective risk management processes, the organization can reduce the costs associated with uncontrolled risks and improve its operational efficiency.
  • Alignment with Agile Practices: The M_o_R® framework offers guidance on how risk management can be integrated with agile practices, helping organizations maintain flexibility and competitive advantage in dynamic environments.
  • Practical Application: The course includes case studies and practical examples that show how theory can be translated into practice, helping participants to apply their learning directly to their work.
  • Better Communication: Participants learn to communicate risks and risk management activities clearly and effectively to stakeholders at all levels of the organization.
  • Increased Resilience: A strong risk management practice makes the organization more resilient to unforeseen events and better equipped to handle crises

Who is the target group?

M_o_R® 4 Practitioner is ideal for anyone working in a business management environment with responsibility for identifying, assessing, planning, managing or reporting on risk management activities across the organization.

  • program managers
  • project manageres
  • coordinators
  • PMO-managers and team members
  • project- og program managers
  • risk managers
  • portfolio managers


There are no requirements. The course is a practitioner course, but it also covers the foundation curriculum, so the course can be taken without previous courses.

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November 2024

  • 11 Monday

    MET MoR-01-2024

    M_o_R®, 4th edition Classroom course

    11 November 2024 - 13 November 2024


    The course is a classroom course with physical attendance

    Kurset er på engelsk / This course is in English

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