Become a member of the MetierWestergaard Member Forum

As a member you get a discount on all our courses. At the same time you get the opportunity to participate in events and networks.

We currently have four active networks, which our members greatly appreciate participating in and getting sparring and inspiration from.

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Membership benefits

As a member of the MetierWestergaard Member Forum, you get close to your colleagues in the industry, such as you. meetings in experience groups and at courses, conferences, seminars and roadshows.

As a member, you get close to MetierWestergaard's knowledge. You can always contact us for sparring and dialogue, and we will find an employee who can give you an answer.

You get a 10% member discount on the list price for:

  • Course places
  • Company courses
  • Conference and seminar places
  • Books
  • Advice and assistance

Participation in our network is free for you as a member, and you can participate as many as you want from an organization that is a member. It is also possible to participate in several networks.

You can not get a discount on services that are already discounted.

Membership costs DKK 4,900 per year for a company. It is possible to become an individual member for 1,900 DKK.

How to become a member

A company membership includes your company and all of its employees, and the membership benefits, including discounts, are open to everyone.

You also have the option to purchase an individual membership that includes only you.

The membership is valid for one year. It is automatically renewed for one calendar year at a time, but it can be terminated with one month's notice for a turn of the year.

When registering in connection with the purchase of a membership benefit, you immediately receive the membership discount on the purchase.

You can order your individual membership with us on tel. 45 88 12 16.

For a company membership, click the button to add the membership to the shopping cart. It costs only 4,900 DKK per year for the entire company.

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