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We offer courses in crisis management, troubleshooting and problem solving.

These courses are for you who want to learn how to navigate through challenges and crises, as well as find effective solutions, using internationally recognised methods and tools.

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  1. Major Incident Management

    Major Incident Management

  2. Structured problem-solving

    Structured problem-solving

Become a specialist in problem solving

If you want stable operation, you have to solve problems. Many problems are simple to solve. They can be traced back to a faulty component or program error, and once the error is corrected, the issue is resolved.

But some problems are difficult to solve. IT solutions are often composed of many elements. A complex application that is screwed into a complex server platform and infrastructure and with integrations in all directions. An error can be found anywhere, and in that situation, structured troubleshooting is needed.

The course Structured problem solving teaches and trains you in proven, structured problem solving methods. With these methods, you will find the root cause of the problem and you will pave the way for effective solutions.

The course Major Incident Management teaches you crisis management, team management, structured communication and accelerated progress. It enables you to act in the role of Situation Manager - or Major Incident Manager.

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