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An ITIL® certification strengthens your CV, teaches you to work effectively in IT, and is both for you who has no experience, and for you who are looking for further education within ITIL®.

With us you can do all your ITIL 4 courses and certifications. Our courses run several times a month, in various formats.

  • Half of all ITIL certifications in 2020 were taken with us! We are proud of that.
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  1. ITIL® 4 Foundation

    ITIL® 4 Foundation

  2. ITIL® 4 Foundation Superflex Online

    ITIL® 4 Foundation Superflex Online

  3. ITIL® 4 Foundation E-learning

    ITIL® 4 Foundation E-learning

  4. ITIL® 4 Foundation E-learning course combinations

    ITIL® 4 Foundation E-learning course combinations

  5. ITIL® 4 Higher Levels

    ITIL® 4 Higher Levels

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Take ITIL 4 Foundation in exactly the way that suits you best with us!

We are the only ones in Denmark to offer the ITIL4 Foundation both as a class course and as e-learning. This means you can take the course the way you learn best!

Our ITIL® 4 Foundation course gives you the basic prerequisites for working with IT Service Management. On the course, you will gain an understanding of ITIL 4's Service Management framework and concepts, and you will learn how ITIL® 4 supports modern technologies and ways of working. The course consists of theory as well as practical tasks, so you learn to apply theory in practice.

Read more about our ITIL Foundation course here.

Finally, to ITIL®4 Foundation offers as e-learning on our adaptive learning platform. This is ultimately the most flexible form to take your ITIL®4 Foundation course. Here you can go to and from the e-learning whenever it suits you, and the e-learning also adapts to your level of knowledge and your learning style.

Read more about our ITIL® 4 Foundation e-learning here.


What is ITIL?

ITIL is one of the world's most recognized frameworks for IT and digital services. The framework provides a comprehensive practical and proven best practice for establishing an effective service management system.

ITIL provides guidance on how to create growth and business value by supporting the organization in achieving their vision and goals, by adapting IT and digital services to the organization's needs. ITIL® helps define a direction for the service provider with a clear operating model and adapts services to the business strategy and customer needs.

At the same time, ITIL defines the necessary roles and responsibilities and provides a common language and concepts across suppliers and customers.

The key components of ITIL 4 consist of:


  1. The 4 Dimensions of Service Management:

    - Organizations and People
    - Information and Technology
    - Value streams and Processes
    - Partners and Suppliers

    Influenced by the decisions an organization makes and must ensure that a decision is made in advance on how and to what extent the four dimensions are adapted to the need.

  2. Service Value System

    Represents how the various elements and activities of an organization interact to facilitate value creation through digitized services and products.

    The elements consist of:

    - Service Value Chain
    - ITIL Practices
    - Guiding Principles
    - Governance
    - Continual Improvement

    Of which Service Value Chain is the key element. An operating model that includes the key activities necessary to be able to respond to requirements and facilitate the realization of value, by creating and managing the right services and products.

  3. Service Value Chain

    Consists of 6 value chain activities, which are used to create services and products - and of these:

    - Value
    - Plan
    - Improve
    - Engage
    - Design and Transition
    - Obtain/Build
    - Deliver and Support

    With MetierWestergaard's pedagogical course materials and models, you are guaranteed a solid ITIL education.

Scheduled ITIL® courses in Copenhagen, Aarhus and online

Planned ITIL® courses at MetierWestergaard

Course Start date Duration Course type Language Location List/Member price
ITIL® 4 Foundation E-learning (EN) Get access now 12 mnths E-learning EN E-Learning DKK 7.900 / 7.110
7th edition ITIL ®4 Foundation + PRINCE2® Foundation E-learning (EN) Get access now 12 mnths E-learning EN E-Learning DKK 13.900 / 12.510
ITIL® 4 Foundation 21-05-2024 2 day(s) Classroom course EN Copenhagen DKK 10.900 / 9.810
ITIL® 4 Foundation 15-07-2024 2 day(s) Classroom course EN Copenhagen DKK 10.900 / 9.810
ITIL® 4 Foundation 21-08-2024 2 day(s) Classroom course EN Copenhagen DKK 10.900 / 9.810
ITIL® 4 Foundation 14-10-2024 2 day(s) Classroom course EN Copenhagen DKK 10.900 / 9.810
ITIL® 4 Foundation 17-12-2024 2 day(s) Classroom course EN Copenhagen DKK 10.900 / 9.810

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