P3O® - Establishment of portfolio, program and project offices

With this P3O Foundation course, you will gain insight into and practical knowledge of how to establish a value-creating function that can support effective portfolio, program and project management.

The course gives you methods and tools that you can use directly after the course.

Duration: 3 dage

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Learn to establish a PMO based on best practice

The course is based on the well-reputed best practice guide "Portfolio, Program and Project Offices - P3O", which has been developed for organizations that want to improve the fulfillment of their strategic goals. After attending the course, you will be able to identify and define a support structure as well as assess the maturity of your organization's P3O.

The course enables you to formulate strategies to tackle the challenges typically posed by managers and employees who are engaged in both operational management and change processes in an organisation.

Purpose of the Course

  • Understanding the P3O® Concept: Participants learn to understand what a P3O® is, its purpose and the benefits of establishing one in the organization.
  • Establishing P3O®: The course covers the processes and techniques for establishing a P3O® in accordance with the organization's needs and goals.
  • Operation and Management of P3O®: Participants learn to operate and manage a P3O®, including ensuring that it supports the organization's strategy and goals.
  • Integration with Project and Program Management: The course focuses on how a P3O® can be integrated with the project and program management processes in the organization to ensure a coherent approach to management.

Benefits of Taking a P3O® Course

Better management of portfolios, programs and projects through the establishment of efficient management offices.

Increased organizational efficiency and productivity through a coherent approach to project management.

Opportunity to obtain official P3O® certifications that are recognized globally and prove one's competence in management office practice

About P3O® Foundation

The course is 3 days.

Included in the course is the book, exam and teaching days with meals.

A P3O course provides practical knowledge and skills to establish an effective PMO.

Exam & Certification

Exam format: Multiple-choice questions.

Duration: 40 minutes.

Number of Questions: Typically around 50 questions.

Pass requirements: To pass, you must obtain at least 50% correct answers

It is recommended to read the textbook and practice with test exams.

Your benefits

  • Certification : By taking a P3O course and obtaining an official certification, you demonstrate your competences in portfolio management. This can be an advantage for your career development and can open doors to new opportunities in project management and strategic management.

Workplace benefits

  • Improved Portfolio Management Capability: A P3O course provides you with the necessary tools, skills and framework to establish and run effective portfolio management offices in your organization. This enables better management, prioritization and coordination of the organisation's projects and programmes.
  • Optimized Resource Allocation: By learning P3O principles and methods, you can optimize resource allocation across projects and programs in the organization, which can lead to increased efficiency and productivity.
  • Better Risk Management: A P3O course often integrates risk management into portfolio management, allowing you to identify, evaluate and manage risks across the organisation's projects and programmes.
  • Increased Organizational Responsiveness: By implementing an effective portfolio management structure, the organization can become more agile and reactive to changes in the market and the environment.
  • Improved Decision-Making: P3O methods provide the organization with a better decision-making basis by ensuring that projects and programs are evaluated and prioritized in accordance with the organization's strategic goals and resources.
  • Better Management of Project Deliveries: A P3O course allows you to establish management offices that can monitor and ensure that projects and programs deliver the expected results and benefits

Who is the target group?

A Portfolio, Programme, and Project Offices (P3O®) course is relevant to a wide range of professionals and organizations who want to strengthen their ability to manage portfolios of projects, programs and initiatives in an effective and coherent manner. Here are some of the most important target groups for which a P3O course is relevant:

  • Project and Program Managers: Those who are responsible for the implementation of projects and programs and who want to ensure effective management and coordination of resources across the organization.
  • Portfolio Managers: Professionals in portfolio management who wish to establish and operate portfolio management offices that can help prioritize and manage the organization's investments and resources.
  • Risk Managers: Those responsible for identifying, assessing and managing risks across the organization's projects and programs and who wish to integrate risk management into portfolio management.
  • Business Developers and Innovation Leaders: Those who seek to create and implement new business opportunities and innovations and who want to ensure that these initiatives are aligned with the organization's portfolio and strategy.
  • Financial Managers and Finance Managers: Finance and finance professionals who want to ensure that the organization's investments and resources are allocated and managed in a way that maximizes financial returns.
  • Quality and Process Managers: Those who are responsible for improving the quality of the organization's processes and deliveries and want to integrate quality management into portfolio management.
  • IT and Technology Leaders: Those who are responsible for the management of IT projects and technology initiatives and who want to ensure that these initiatives are aligned with the organization's strategy and portfolio.
  • Startups and Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs who want to establish an effective structure for managing their business initiatives and projects from the start of their business.
  • Anyone Interested in Effective Project Management: Regardless of your role or industry, you can benefit from a P3O course if you want to improve your organization's ability to manage the portfolio of projects, programs and initiatives in an effective and coherent way.


There are no prior requirements.

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December 2024

  • 02 Monday

    MET P3OF-01-2024

    P3O® Foundation Classroom course

    2 December 2024 - 4 December 2024


    The course is a classroom course with physical attendance

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