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Get your official Change Management course & certification from APMG, which is the ultimate training for change managers who work with transformations and transitions.

Our course in change management is internationally recognized at the level of ADKAR and can be a great contribution to a career as a change manager.

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    APMG Change Management Foundation

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    APMG Change Management Practitioner

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Courses in change management - APMG Change Management

What is change management? What do I get from a change management course?

No matter what function you have - project manager, line manager, communication employee or something completely different, a change management course will be relevant for you. 


Change Management is about people and our different approaches to change.

It is about creating an organizational culture that can make the necessary changes in a timely manner to meet the changing expectations and requirements of the customer and the environment.

To that extent, the world has become unpredictable and therefore the ability of organisations to adapt to change is crucial to being competitive. At the same time, innovation is also taking place with unprecedented speed, complexity and global reach. Leaders and team leaders need to be able to deliver continuous results with a much higher degree of agility than before and often with geographically dispersed teams.

The development of organisations and projects succeeds only if they are supported by effective, organisational change management. Implementation of new business processes, technology, competencies, etc. presupposes an awareness of the desired change in the behaviour of the individual employee and a special focus on the culture that is in the organisation and how it is a partner or opponent in relation to a change.

Organizational change management is the transition process from the current stage of the organisation to a desired, new stage. Leading such a transformation requires dedicated change management in order to increase the organization's readiness for change.

Our approach to change management is based on Best Practice through Change Management from APMG International. Based on adapted approaches, we help to implement projects and change initiatives successfully. We also work to anchor change management elements in your project model, just as we develop managers and project managers to become better change leaders.

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What is Change Management?

Change Management is an internationally recognised certification from APMG International ™ in the UK. APMG International ™ has put together well-proven approaches to dealing with the human and organisational factors in change processes and has developed a strong change management course based on these best practice approaches.

The basis for APMG's Change Management certifications is the book "The Effective Change Manager's Handbook - Essential guidance to the change management body of knowledge". It has been created in collaboration between the global network Change Management Institute (Mangler aktivt link) (CMI), APMG International(mangler aktivt link) ™ and 600 Change Managers from around the world. Together, they have described the methods that have the greatest evidence for creating or contributing to successful change management.

With a change management course, you will be able to implement and contribute to successful change in a professional, structured and effective way. The approaches increase the likelihood that the organisation can realise the desired gains and the expected business value of initiated change initiatives. 

Our APMG Change Management courses:

Change Management courses in Copenhagen and Aarhus

Course Start date Duration Course type Language Location List/Member price
APMG Change Management Foundation 17-09-2024 3 day(s) Classroom course EN Copenhagen DKK 12.500 / 11.250

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