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An internationally recognized PRINCE2® course gives you a strong foundation for working in project management and leadership. A PRINCE2 certification opens doors when you are looking for a job and want to develop your career, as PRINCE2 is the most widely used project method in the world.


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  1. PRINCE2 Foundation

    PRINCE2 Foundation

  2. PRINCE2 Practitioner

    PRINCE2 Practitioner

  3. PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner

    PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner

  4. PRINCE2 Practitioner E-Learning

    PRINCE2 Practitioner E-Learning

  5. PRINCE2 Foundation E-Learning

    PRINCE2 Foundation E-Learning

  6. PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner E-Learning

    PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner E-Learning

  7. PRINCE2 E-learning Combination packages

    PRINCE2 E-learning Combination packages

  8. PRINCE2 recertification

    PRINCE2 recertification

PRINCE2 kurser hos MetierWestergaard

PRINCE2 is the world's leading project management method

PRINCE2® is an internationally recognized method for project management, and is therefore one of the most recognized project manager certifications you can choose. The method is developed based on the experience of experienced successful project managers, is today the leading project management method internationally and is widespread in over 90 countries and translated into 11 languages

PRINCE2® (Projects in Controlled Enviroments) originates from the United Kingdom, where the method is used in both the public and private sectors.

PRINCE2® can be used for all types of projects, regardless of size, industry, company, geographical location and culture, which is why project managers most often use this method. The method can be implemented in full or in part to improve and complement existing models and processes for project work.

The method consists of a number of processes, themes and principles. To ensure successful project management, PRINCE2® is based on Best Practice experiences from project sponsors, project managers, project teams, course leaders and consultants from around the world.

Using this method, a clear structure for responsibility, delegation, authority and communication is found. All this is reviewed in the various PRINCE2 courses, so that you get the tools and the necessary knowledge to use the method in your organization.

Our PRINCE2 courses are offered both as class courses, as masterclasses and as e-learning with Adaptive Learning. Read more about our groundbreaking PRINCE2® e-learning here. You can read more about the PRINCE2® method at Axelos or read more about our various PRINCE2 certifications and formats below.


Our unique course formats

Take your course in your preferred way, with the course format that suits you.

We offer unique courses that suit our students' different wishes and preferences for learning. Our courses ensure solid learning, and we are the only ones in Denmark that offer this broad portfolio of PRINCE2® course types.


PRINCE2 courses we offer:  

You get access to the adaptive e-learning course FOR FREE when you sign up for a class course. We are the only course provider in Denmark that offers this.

PRINCE2 Introduktion

Video: What is PRINCE2®?

Our senior consultant and teacher, Steen Knudsen, gives a brief insight into what PRINCE2 is, who usually takes this particular course and career path, and what you get out of a PRINCE2 course. (video is in Danish)


    Here you get access for 12 months to our adaptive PRINCE2 e-learning. The fact that e-learning is adaptive means that it adapts to your learning style and the knowledge you already possess.

    Through your e-learning course, you have the opportunity to book a 1: 1 session with an instructor.

    We offer PRINCE2 e-learning as single courses and as combination packages.


    All our PRINCE2 class courses are combined with our e-learning. This means that you get access to our e-learning in support of your preparation for the class course. It ensures you much better understanding, and a significantly higher chance of passing the exam. We are the only ones in Denmark that offer this.

The 7 principles in PRINCE2

The purpose of PRINCE2 is to offer a project management method that can be used regardless of the project size, type, organization, geography or culture.

This is possible because PRINCE2 is principle based. The principles are characterized as:

  • Universal - they apply to all projects
  • Self-validating - they have shown their value in practice over many years
  • Empowering - they give those who use the method more confidence and the opportunity to influence and decide how the project will be managed.

The seven PRINCE2 principles come from experiences from both good and bad projects. They provide a structure of good practice for the people involved in a project. If a project does not follow these principles, it is not governed by PRINCE2, as these principles are the basis for defining it as a PRINCE2 project.

  • Continued business justification
    Focus and anchoring of the project's Business Case throughout the life cycle
  • Established roles and responsibilities
    In PRINCE2, there is a set of clearly defined roles with associated responsibilities and authority
  • Phase division
    Dividing the project into natural phases
  • Learning from experience
    Problem solving and experience gathering
  • Deviation control
    Escalation in the event of deviations within specified limit values
  • Focus on products
    Focus on what needs to be delivered and not on the work that needs to be done
  • Adaptation to the project environment
    PRINCE2 must be adapted and used in a way that is appropriate for the project

Planned PRINCE2 courses in Copenhagen, Aarhus and online

Planned PRINCE2® courses at MetierWestergaard

Course Start date Duration Course type Location List/Member price
PRINCE2 Practitioner 09-03-2023 2 day(s) Classroom course Copenhagen DKK 9.900 / 8.910
PRINCE2 Foundation 24-04-2023 3 day(s) Classroom course Copenhagen DKK 12.900 / 11.610
PRINCE2 recertification 23-05-2023 1 day(s) Classroom course Copenhagen DKK 5.900 / 5.310
PRINCE2 Foundation 07-06-2023 3 day(s) Classroom course Copenhagen DKK 12.900 / 11.610

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