Structured problem-solving

Learn problem solving through experimental learning and realistic scenarios, and gain a deep understanding of problem solving.

  • 2 day course
  • Held in Copenhagen, Aarhus and virtually
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Learn to solve even the most complex problems

Are you a Major Incident Manager or a Situation Manager? Or do you sit in a 2nd line function and get the problems that many have tried their hand at but have not been able to solve? Or have you just experienced first-hand that there are problems that are difficult or impossible to get the shovel under?

All problems can be solved - even the most complex. At "Structured Problem Solving" you get the best method in the market.

You learn to capture and structure relevant facts at source. To cut through the smokescreen and spot the real problem. To identify possible root causes and choose the right one.

You get hands-on on the method through strong case assignments, and you become an effective troubleshooter from day 1.

The method is based on the scientific "The Science Method". It is 100% ITIL compliant and can be integrated into any Incident and Problem management process.


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About Structured problem-solving

Through presentations, discussions and practical exercises, a connection is created between theory and practice. The course is very activating, and emphasis is placed on the participants coming home with concrete tools that can be used in the daily work.

Exam & Certification

The course can be completed with a multiple choice exam consisting of 30 questions.

You must have 21 correct to pass and be certified. Exam lasts 60 min. If your native language is not English you will get 15 minutes extra.

Your benefits

  • After completing the course, participants will be able to identify the root cause of problems, and they will be able to choose the best solution from several or many alternatives.
  • The course can lead to a certification upon passing the exam.

Who is the target group?

The course is aimed at:

  • Employees in IT support functions such as Help Desk, Service Desk etc.
  • Employees in 2nd and 3rd line who have to find faults and solve problems
  • Managers and process leaders who must support employees in the work of solving complex problems.


There are no formal requirements for participants, but it is an advantage that you as a participant have a general knowledge of IT and IT support.

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