ITIL® 4 Foundation e-learning

The ITIL® 4 Foundation course gives you the basic prerequisites for working with IT Service Management.

ITIL 4 e-learning is on an adaptive platform that adapts to your knowledge and way of learning. 

Our ITIL 4 Foundation course is also available as a Superflex concept and as physical class courses.

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Take ITIL 4 Foundation as e-learning and get full flexibility, but with the same learning!

Our unique ITIL 4 Foundation e-learning, on the adaptive AI-based platform Area9 Rhapsode, allows you to take the ITIL 4 course at the pace that suits you when it suits you.

Our ITIL 4 Foundation e-learning gives you the basic prerequisites for working with IT Service Management. Through the course, you gain a solid understanding of the ITIL 4 Service Management framework and the associated concepts. At the same time, you will learn how ITIL 4 supports modern technologies and ways of working.

ITIL has been best practice for IT Service Management since 1988 when the first version was released. ITIL 4 Foundation provides you with knowledge about the most widespread framework tool for IT Service Management, which is used in organisations and companies worldwide.

The ITIL 4 Foundation e-learning course provides access to:

Managing professional

Strategic leader

When you take our ITIL 4 e-learning, you can take the exam when you are ready for it. The exam is voucher-based and can therefore be taken without stress when you are ready.

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We also offer the ITIL 4 Foundation course as a physical class course if you would rather take the course in 2 full days. We have ITIL 4 Foundation courses in Copenhagen and in Aarhus. We also offer ITIL 4 Foundation courses as a Superflex online course.

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Why choose ITIL 4 Foundation e-learning?

Take ITIL 4 Foundation online, as adaptive e-learning, and get more out of your e-learning course. You get a course that adapts to your way of learning and your level of knowledge, while you can access the course where and when it suits you.

With adaptive e-learning, you learn faster. Whether you already have a solid knowledge of ITIL or you are completely new, there is evidence that you, with adaptive learning, learn faster and achieve a high learning effect.
In fact, you can reduce your time spent on the ITIL Foundation online course by more than 50% - you are only trained in what you do not already master.

Possibility of sparring

As part of our e-learning course, you will have the opportunity to book a sparring session with one of our experienced ITIL instructors.

Pioneering opportunity

We are the only ones in Denmark that offer this combination of e-learning, supported by personal, and professional sparring. You will therefore not find a similar online ITIL course elsewhere.


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About ITIL® 4 Foundation E-learning

With our unique ITIL 4 e-learning, you can work with your learning when it suits you.

You have to go through what corresponds to the 2 teaching days that ITIL 4 Foundation usually takes, but you can get through the course faster if you already know a lot about IT Service Management, because our e-learning adapts to your level of knowledge. E-learning is adaptive. It also means that if there are areas you are having difficulty with, then e-learning will make sure that you spend extra time on that area.

The official ITIL 4 Foundation course manual is included in the price, as is certification.

Exam & Certification

There are 2 test exams.

The exam is a voucher based online exam. With your exam voucher, you can book an exam at a time that suits you. The exam is a multiple choice exam with 40 questions. You need 65% correct answers to pass. The exam is 60 min (+15 min if your native language is not English).

Upon passing the exam, the official ITIL 4 Foundation certification is obtained.

The exam is a part of the price for the course and is mandatory.

Please notice: The exam is digital. Hence, remember to bring a laptop. You cannot use a tablet or iPad..

You can purchase a supplemental Take2 exam insurance. Read more about it below.

Your benefits

  • ITIL 4 Foundation certification
  • Basic theoretical insight into IT Service Management
  • Focus on value creation through digital services and products
  • Insight into the structure and coherence of all the basic elements of ITIL 4
  • Understanding the application of the 7 guiding principles
  • Review of the 15 most common ITSM practices (incl processes)
  • Competences to work in processes
  • The necessary prior knowledge to pass the certification exam in ITIL 4 Foundation

Workplace benefits

  • Employees, technicians, managers and managers get a common frame of reference for language and concepts within IT Service Management across customers and suppliers
  • Ensure understanding of collaboration between business and IT towards a common vision
  • Creates an understanding of co-creating the relevant and robust IT services and products that enable the business to achieve the goals

Who is the target group?

The course is aimed at anyone who wants to gain a basic knowledge of or already works with service management or other areas of IT (eg IT development). The course can be used in all service areas - but it is primarily aimed at IT service providers


There are no formal entry requirements to take a course and a certification in the ITIL 4 Foundation.

  • To get the most out of the course, it is an advantage that you have experience with IT Service Management.


Take² is an insurance that can be purchased when you enrol in a course. The price of Take² is 450 DKK, which is less than half the price of a normal re-examination, if you buy it after completing the course. If you have purchased Take² and you do not pass your exam, you will automatically receive an online re-exam voucher. You can take Take² whenever and wherever you want. Take² can be used up to 6 months after your exam. Order Take² when you enrol. Later it is not possible to purchase the insurance. 

Note: If you pass the exam in the first instance, Take² cannot be refunded or used for other exams.

Planned courses

  • e

    MET I4FE-04-2024

    ITIL® 4 Foundation E-learning (EN)

    You get access to the course for 6 months, where you are free to use it when and where it suits you best

    Kurset er på engelsk / This course is in English

    Member price

    DKK 7,110

    List price

    DKK 7,900

    Per participant excl. VAT

ITIL® 4 Foundation E-learning Course book

  • ITIL® Foundation, ITIL® 4 edition

    ITIL® Foundation, ITIL® 4 edition

    SKU 7158

    Paperback. Delivered by DAO. Freight costs will be added at checkout.

    The guide covers key concepts of service management, the four dimensions of service management, the ITIL® service value system, ITIL management practices.

    The guide covers key concepts of service management, the four dimensions of service management, the ITIL® service value system, ITIL® management practices.

    ITIL® Foundation, ITIL 4 Edition will:

    • provide readers with an understanding of the ITIL® 4 service management framework and how it has evolved to adopt modern technologies and ways of working
    • explain the new holistic end-to-end view of service creation to support candidates studying for the ITIL® 4 Foundation exam
    • act as a reference guide that practitioners can use in their work, further studies and professional development.

    Member price

    DKK 585.00

    List price

    DKK 650.00

    Per unit excl. VAT

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