Scrum Courses

We offer scrum courses both in a general agile organisation and in a scaled agile (SAFe) organisation.

With us you can take our scrum master and product owner courses as class room courses, online or as e-learning.

Our courses provide certifications from Scaled Agile and and serves as a strong addition to your resume and your career in the agile space.

Scrum Master kurser hos MetierWestergaard

SCRUM is relevant in all organisations!

Scrum is a philosophy and way of working that helps all types of companies and organisations to create value in both development and operation.

Scrum is an agile method (among others eg Kanban, Lean Development, etc.), which is based on a set of agile principles.

The scrum process is relevant in tasks or projects where you do not have ideal specifications initially, where these change along the way and require flexibility and adaptation on an ongoing basis. In this type of task and project, Scrum offers a much higher success rate than the traditional “Waterfall” method.

Did you know that?
The term Scrum is derived from rugby, where scrum is a method of getting the ball back into play. The daily Scrum meeting has just this feature.

The scrum process is one of the fastest growing methods in companies today.


What is Scrum?

Scrum is one of many agile frameworks, which includes kanban, extreme programming (XP), crystal, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Less, Nexus and others.

Scrum is an easy-to-use framework for working with complex issues with many unknowns, to find solutions in an agile way. The scrum working method is based on transparency, inspection and customisation. This means that it is clear what is being worked on and what the goal is, at the same time as it is continuously checked that goals and solutions are still relevant and still have the highest priority. It is a process where you continuously plan one sprint at a time and at the end of the sprint look at what has been delivered, how it went and, on that basis, what the next steps will be - this is called an iterative process.

The iterative scrum process

The iterative process makes it possible to continuously adapt the solution based on learning and feedback. There is a high degree of involvement of the customer, or representatives of the customer, in order to ensure that it is the right thing that is delivered. For each sprint, the team plans what they can deliver (sprint planning), after which they are given peace to focus on the delivery and, when the time has passed, the team presents what they have delivered (sprint review and demo) and looks at what to do for to get better (sprint retrospective).

Scrum roller

When working with Scrum as a framework, you work with a Scrum Team, which forms the foundation of Scrum. The team works together to deliver something of value, such as products or valuable solutions to complex issues. The team supports each other and has the competence to deliver value together, whatever their area is. To support the team, there are two special roles: Scrum Master and Product Owner.

The Scrum Master is the team's coach and facilitator. They support the team and help with progress, follow up on obstacles and help the team focus on getting better and delivering quality.

The Product Owner has a product focus and works with requirements and delivery. The Product Owner supports the team with what and when to be delivered. The Product Owner works closely with the business and the customer to ensure that the right thing is delivered at the right time.

Which Scrum course should you sign up for?

We offer Scrum Master class room and e-learning as well as SAFe Scrum Master and Advanced Scrum master. Are you looking for Product Owner trainings, then this is also available both from (normal) and from SAFe (scaled agile).

Are you in doubt, which course to sign up for - a normal Scrum Master or Product Qwner course, or the courses we offer from SAFe (Scaled agile). Read more about the options in the below. 

  1. Knowledge Management kurser hos MetierWestergaard

    Scrum Master e-learning

  2. ITIL Higher Levels

    Scrum Master classcourses

  3. MOP Practitioner kursus hos MetierWestergaard (1)

    SAFe® Scrum Master

    Scaled Agile

  4. Grundlæggende Projektledelse

    SAFe® Advanced Scrum Master

    Scaled Agile

  5. Product Owner

    Product Owner class room

    PSPO1 (

  6. SAFe Product Owner kursus SAFe product manager kursus

    SAFe® Product Owner

    Scaled Agile

Normal scrum Master or SAFe Scrum Master?

This question you might also have concerning Product Owner or SAFe Product Owner. We have described the differencies for Scrum Master as an examble. They will be similar for Product Owner.

  1. What is a Scrum Master?

    Scrum Master is the coach of the Scrum team. The task of the Scrum Master is to make the team work like a well-oiled machine that delivers high value, in a high quality, at a predictable pace. They help the team facilitate team events, coordinate and protect the team. The task of the Scrum Master is to help the team deliver optimally.

    The Scrum Master is available in both larger and smaller agile organizations and in SAFe (Scaled Agile) organizations.

    In our Scrum Master courses you learn about the Scrum Master role and the other important Scrum roles.

  2. Which Scrum certification should I choose?

    You should choose your Scrum Master course based on the organization you work for or want to be a part of.

    We offer two certifications for scrum masters:

    Scrum Master course with Professional Scrum Master 1 certification from

    SAFe Scrum Master course with certification from ScaledAgile, Inc.

    Both are two good courses with a recognized certification and both courses cover basic Scrum understanding, team facilitation, team events and team support and coordination.

    The crucial thing for you is therefore whether you will be able to work in an agile organization or a scaled agile organization (SAFe).

  3. Content in Scrum Master course with PSM1 certification?

    The Scrum Master course creates a fundamental understanding of Scrum.

    The course is ideal for you who want to be able to run Scrum in small and medium-sized businesses.

    The Scrum Master certification teaches you best practices in agile development and delivery using specific techniques and tools. You learn to drive change as well as facilitate and drive development in a scrum team.

    We offer our Scrum Master course in two formats:

    As blended learning, with a 2-day class course combined with our Scrum Master online e-learning in preparation.

    As a pure Scrum Master online e-learning course that can be taken at your own pace.

    Our e-learning is built on an adaptive learning platform, which adapts the course to your preferred learning style and identifies where there are gaps in your knowledge, so you get the most out of your course.

  4. Why choose SAFe Scrum Master with Scaled Agile, Inc SSM certification?

    SAFe has become the preferred method for Danish companies to manage large complex deliveries in everything from the energy sector, banking and finance, hospital and pharma, as well as within the public sector.

    The SAFe Scrum Master course deals with how a team should act in a large company and what the Scrum Master's tasks are with the large deliveries.

    You can take a SAFe Scrum Master course even if you do not have to work in a large company, as it is still a Scrum Master course.

    SAFe Scrum Master is offered exclusively as 2-day class courses.

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