APMG Change Management Foundation courses

With a Change Management Foundation course from APMG, you will be able to implement and contribute to successful change in a structured and effective way, ensuring that your business achieves the desired gains and the expected value from your planned change.

  • 3-day course
  • In Copenhagen & Aarhus
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Change Management Foundation course from APMG International

Learn the basic Change Management theories and methods to lead and manage change projects in your organization.

Change Management Foundation is an internationally recognized certification from APMG International in the UK and Best Practice approach to dealing with the human and organizational factors in change processes.


Many companies have challenges in getting their projects to create the expected gains and solid business value, from their change initiatives. This is often due to a lack of focus on employees, how they respond to change, and how ready for change the organization really is.

With an APMG Change Management Foundation course, you will be able to implement and contribute to successful change in a professional, structured and effective way. This ensures that your business achieves the desired gains and the expected business value.


The APMG Change Management method is internationally recognized and is used in organizations all over the world.


We also offer Change Management Practitioner course and certification.

About APMG Change Management Foundation

The course consists of 3 days of teaching by experienced Change Management consultants.

Included in the course is the official Change Management manual "The Effective Change Manager's Handbook", a detailed reading guide and two test exams.

The course includes the official Change Management-Foundation certification exam.

There is full catering during the course days.

Exam & Certification

There are 2 test exams. Upon passing the exam, one obtains the official Change Management Foundation certification

Please notice: The exam is digital. Hence, remember to bring a laptop. You cannot use a tablet or iPad..

Your benefits

  • Insight into the basic theories and methods of change management
  • Knowledge of how people respond to change and how you can help them through a change process
  • Understanding how to deal with resistance to change
  • Insight into the relationship between stakeholders and how you can communicate change and create engagement

Workplace benefits

  • A common language about change management in the organisation
  • A holistic approach to change initiatives that work with other Best Practice approaches such as PRINCE® and MSP®
  • Greater likelihood of implementing and anchoring change in the organisation
  • Lower risk of change projects being delayed, exceeding budgets or causing employees to lose motivation

Who is the target group?

The course is for you who want knowledge to drive change processes, who want self-insight into your role as a change leader and a clear plan to implement a change.


There are no formal entry requirements to take the Change Management Foundation course and certification.

  • To get the most out of the course, it is an advantage that you have experience of working in change projects.
  • Before the course, you must have read the syllabus in the book "The Effective Change Manager's Handbook"


  1. Day 1

    The individual and the organization

    On the first day of the course, we focus on the importance of both the individual and the organisation for the change process, including how individuals are affected by the change and how different types of organisations are affected by changes.

    During the 1st day you work with:

    • How the individual responds to change and how learning takes place
    • How to create motivation in stakeholders
    • How different types of people can be best handled in connection with
    • How cultural conditions can be identified, categorised and handled
    • Organisational models for change


    In the evening you take a test exam

  2. Day 2

    Definition of change, stakeholders and communication.

    On the second day of the course, we focus on the vision for change, identification and segmentation of stakeholders as well as communicative approaches that create commitment and thus change.

    During the 2nd day you work with:

    • Planned vs. emerging changes and how these are handled
    • Roles associated with change management
    • Definition and clarification of the nature and extent of the change
    • Managing stakeholder relationships and mobilising interests
    • How to communicate change effectively to different stakeholders
    • Communication plans and strategy

    In the evening you take a test exam

  3. Day 3

    Readiness for change, influence and leadership of teams.

    On the third day of the course, we focus on how to assess readiness for change in relation to both the individual and the organisation. In addition to being able to assess the impact of stakeholders, the readiness for change and the management of teams.

    During the 3rd day you work with:

    • Influence of stakeholders: who will be affected by the change, when and how much
    • Readiness for change and facilitation of change processes
    • Approach to creating effective teams
    • Exam preparation
    • Change Management Foundation Exam

    Summarising the course and info on the Practitioner course

Change Management Foundation courses in Copenhagen & Aarhus

September 2024

  • 17 Tuesday

    MET CMF-03-2024 (ENG)

    APMG Change Management Foundation Classroom course

    17 September 2024 - 19 September 2024

    MetierWestergaard, Østerbro

    Folke Bernadottes Allé 45
    2100 København Ø

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    The course is a classroom course with physical attendance

    Kurset er på engelsk / This course is in English

    Instructor: Annette Højen

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    DKK 11,250

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    DKK 12,500

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APMG Change Management Foundation Instructor(s)

  • Annette Højen
    • Annette Højen

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