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Do ITIL® 4 Foundation as an adaptive e-learning course. Our e-learning is built on an adaptive AI based platform, which adapts the course content to your knowledge and your way of learning, so you retain more information. Research shows that our e-learning ensures more efficient learning and is more effective than traditional forms of e-learning. Do your e-learning at the pace that suits you and when it suits you.

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Do ITIL 4 Foundation as e-learning and get full flexibility but the same learning!

Our unique ITIL® 4 Foundation E-learning, built on the adaptive AI based platform Area9 Rhapsode, provides you with a top-of-class e-learning experience.

Our ITIL4® Foundation E-learning gives you the basic prerequisites for working with IT Service Management. Through the course, you gain a solid understanding of the ITIL 4 Service Management framework and the associated concepts. At the same time, you will learn how ITIL 4 supports modern technologies and ways of working.

The ITIL 4 Foundation e-learning certification grants access the following courses:

Managing professional

Strategic leader


When you do our ITIL4 e-learning course, you can take the final exam when you are ready for it. The exam is voucher based. We also have ITIL4 Foundation class courses if you would rather take the course in 2 full days with physical presence. We have ITIL4 Foundation class courses in Copenhagen and in Aarhus.

We also offer ITIL 4 Foundation SUPERFLEX courses, where the courses are done live online, in modules that run in the morning and the afternoon. 


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Why choose ITIL 4 Foundation e-learning?

Do ITIL 4 Foundation online, as adaptive e-learning, and get more out of your e-learning course. You get a course that adapts to your way of learning and your level of knowledge, giving you a unique e-learning experience.

With adaptive e-learning, you learn faster. Whether you already have a solid knowledge of ITIL or you are completely new, there is evidence that you, with adaptive learning, learn faster and achieve a higher retention of the learned material, than you would with a traditional e-learning course. 

In fact, you can reduce your time spent on the ITIL Foundation online course by more than 50%, since the course mainly will cover the topics and material you do not already master.

Possibility of 1:1 sessions

As part of our e-learning course, you will have the opportunity to book a 1:1 session with one of our experienced ITIL instructors.

Groundbreaking opportunity

We are the only ones in Denmark that offer this combination of e-learning, supported by personal, professional sparring. You will therefore not find a similar online ITIL course elsewhere.

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  1. Access for 6 months

    You will have access to your ITIL 4 Foundation e-learning for  months.

    With our ITIL4 Foundation e-learning, you can access the course where and when it suits you. At the same time, you can constantly use our e-learning to refresh your knowledge on relevant topics.

  2. Tailored Course Content

    Our ITIL4 Foundation e-learning is adaptive, which means that it uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to adapt the content to your way of learning and your skills. This ensures that you learn as much as possible, as fast as possible.

  3. Access to 2 test exams

    You will have access to two official ITIL4® test exams with detailed explanations of each answer alternative, including references to the answers in your ITIL4 Foundation manual.
    You can take the test exams as many times as you want, so you feel well prepared for the exam.

  4. 1:1 session w. instructor


    Although our ITIL4 Foundation e-learning gives you solid professional insight into the methods and theories, a session with an experienced instructor will still be very helpful.

    You therefore have the opportunity to book a 1: 1 with an experienced instructor as part of your ITIL4 Foundation course.

ITIL4 Foundation kurser hos MetierWestergaard

What do I learn in an ITIL4 Foundation course?

An ITIL4 Foundation course gives you the basic prerequisites for working with IT Service Management.

Through the course, you will gain an understanding of ITIL 4's Service Management framework and concepts, and you will learn how ITIL 4 supports modern technologies and ways of working.

ITIL® has been best practice for IT Service Management since 1988, when the first version was released, and is the most widely used framework tool for IT Service Management, used in organizations and companies worldwide. Since 1988, several versions have been released, most recently in 2011, and now ITIL 4 in early 2019.

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