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Process Framework

MetierWestergaard Process Framework is a process development tool that enables you to develop your own processes with simple means.

With Process Framework you can:

  • Develop process documentation in three levels: Process, procedures and work instructions
  • Bundle related processes, e.g. Change, Release and Deployment
  • Version control, backups and restore process documentation
  • Publish the process documentation on the company's intranet

Process Framework is a plugin for Microsoft® Visio. It is easy to install, can be learned in minutes and can be quickly implemented throughout the organization.

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Process Templates

Based on best practices, i.a. ITIL, we have standardized a large number of IT service management processes in our process library, MetierWestergaard Process Library. We call them process packages or process templates.

With a process package or process templates, our customers get a turnkey process; a process that is based on best practice and experience and that can work without adaptations. We notice that many of our customers start with a process package, and with a minimum of customization, they get started quickly with process-driven IT. As the level of maturity of the organization increases, we help to adapt the processes to the desired reality and the next level of maturity.

Each process package or process template contains a process policy, process documentation in three levels, the process itself, procedure and work instruction, role and responsibility descriptions, key performance indicators and process-specific templates.

We also use our process packages as a starting point for process optimization - ie as a reference for best practice. That way, we can quickly do a "health check" for the ITSM processes in an organization.

On the page you see an example of process documentation.

We always recommend our customers to be inspired by best practice, but it is rarely best practice is the best solution to implement directly. Processes must be adapted to the organization and the reality in which they are to live. Our consultants help with this adaptation and are all great as they take part in the dialogue about adapting processes - and otherwise ensure that behavior is subsequently changed so that the new processes come to "live".

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