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MetierWestergaard is one of Denmark's leading consulting houses within Project- and Portfolio Management, Agile / SAFe methods and IT Service Management.

We are specialists and all out consultants are seniors with hands-on experience from leading national and international companies. 

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Better Projects – Agile Leadership – Service Value

We are proud to be leading specialists in project and portfolio management, agile methods and IT service management.

  • We deliver results through process improvements and work with structures and governance based on Best Practices but adapted to the specific context.

  • We create the basis for continuous improvement by training organizations, as well as creating the necessary competencies and a solid learning culture in organizations.

  • Furthermore, we help organizations support processes with relevant tools.

  • We facilitate networks and let our professionalism grow together with our customers.

  • We work for leading organizations in Denmark and internationally, and we have a strong partner network to support our deliveries.
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Our team of consultants and coaches

The combination of deep professional insight with practical experience is our DNA….

  • All our coaches are also consultants, which we believe is a unique combination, as we combine the theoretical and the practical approach. All our consultants have years of experience from a wide range of industries.
  • We build on best practice in our training and in ours when we create tailor-made solutions for our customers.
  • We have a strong focus on creating real change. We're talking about "Make it happen & Make it stick". It's a bit about insight but much more about behavior, and our experience is that behavior is not as easy to change as one is tempted to believe ...
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How does a collaboration with us work?

When we collaborate with organizations, we emphasize that close collaboration is crucial to success. We cannot create success for our customers alone. It must happen together. Not least because we are in the organization for a period of time, and therefore it must be our success criterion that the organization is able to continue working without us, when our commitment ends.

We often work with the idea that initially in a collaboration with a customer, our role is primarily advisory. We want to establish a core team with the customer as soon as possible, and this core team will continuously have a role as a S: W: A: T team - those who must drive change but also be champions in new ways of working. If we succeed in that task, our role will continuously go from the advisory to the more coaching and facilitating.

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Vision & Scope

Our consulting tasks often start with a "Vision & Scope" workshop so that we, together with the customer, can create a common vision for improvement but also a common picture of as-is and potential for improvement. It is a crucial first step on the road to improvement!

At the "Vision & Scope" workshop, we uncover as-is and understand what works well and where there is potential for improvement. It is just as important to understand what works well, as we must make sure not to change anything that works well.

We also discuss the overall vision - why do we want to be better? and how?

Then we work our way down to two-be designs, ie the more detailed design of the future based on wishes, ideas and needs. An essential element of to-be design is also the understanding of the climate of change and maturity of the organization. It is not appropriate to design a to-be situation that will in reality be impossible to implement.

The result of the "Vision & Scope" workshop is a list of improvement initiatives, and these should end up being prioritized. We sometimes call it a back log just to emphasize the order.

A "Vision & Scope" workshop can be held in one day, but depending on the area and challenges, there may be a need to hold a "Vision & Scope" over several days with time for collection between the workshop days.

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