ITSM Implementation

The purpose of ITSM systems is to bring the operational ITSM model, which in many companies is based on ITIL best practice, under digital control.

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What do we help with within ITSM?

IT Service Management systems are the heart of the IT operation. This is where we power the processes, ensure the collection of relevant data so we have one place for control and reporting

MetierWestergaard has extensive experience with the best ITSM systems in the market. We have experience with systems such as ServiceNow, Topdesk, Cherwell, IHLP, Remedy, etc.

Specifically, we can help with:

  • Uncovering the organization's maturity and goals with ITSM
  • Development of the ITSM processes, including mapping roles and responsibilities
  • Identifying the organization's needs before choosing an ITSM system
  • Mapping requirements from processes and other systems to the ITSM system
  • In collaboration with the organization and the tool supplier, we adapt the ITSM tool so that it supports the processes and thus we ensure that workflows are followed

Our consultants' starting point is always what the purpose of the ITSM system is. For us, business always comes before technology.